Tickets will be on sale from 10.00am on Thursday 17 December.
You will be allowed to purchase up to 6 tickets per performance.

Advance sales service expenses: the price of all Festival tickets will carry a surcharge which will depend on the channel selected.

Advance sales channels:

Online: Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster Ticket Centres
Ticketmaster has associated stores for the purchase of tickets, sucha as, FNAC, Carrefour, Viajes Halcón and othe centres depending on the city.
Ticketmaster has also a daily telephone sales service (902 15 00 25). For more infomation check

From 18 December 2015 until 29 January 2016

Corral del Carbón                         Opening hours:
Calle Mariana Pineda s/n              Monday to Friday 1.00am - 13.30pm
E-18009 Granada                          (except 24 and 31 December, and holidays)
Telephone: (+34) 958 221 844

Under 26 and over 65: 50% discount for concerts at the Palacio de Carlos V (Zone C and D) and at the Teatro del Generalife (Zone C).

SPECIAL REDUCTION: Joven Orquesta Nacional de España
Young people under 26 will have a special reduction of 50% on all Price Zones at the Palacio de Palacio de Carlos V.

There are special seats reserved for people with limited movility. In order to buy these tickets, please contact the Festival's Box-Office.

Doors will close at the time announced for the beginning of the performances. Late access will only be allowed during the intervals. The taking of photographs, filming and recording is absolutely forbidden to anyone outside the organization. Smoking is not allowed within the venues. Programmes may be subject to modification for reasons beyond the Festival’s control. The Festival will only accept the return of tickets or bookings in cases of cancelled performances or changes of date, orchestra, performing company, recital soloist, complete change of a programme or in the case where a full opera performance is substituted for an orchestrated version (as long as the cancellation or change has not been caused by an enforced change of venue due to inclement weather conditions). If an event is cancelled, the ticket purchaser is entitled to a refund of the value of the ticket within 15 days of the event's official cancellation date. All ticket refunds for reasons other than those mentioned, and not involving performance cancellation, will be dealt until 19.00 hours on the day prior to the scheduled performance.
The Festival does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets unless they have been purchased at one of the official ticket offices.
The Festival is not responsible for any tickets that are lost or stolen.
In cases of inclement weather conditions, the purchaser and/or bearer of a ticket specifically agrees to a change of venue of the performances to another venue appointed by the Festival’s Management. If a change of venue for any performance takes place, it will not be possible to adhere to the seat numbering allocated on tickets.
Admission forbidden to children under 6 except for «El Festival de los pequeños». The Festival reserves the right of admission.